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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 16, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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year-old gunman target stud and teachers? also - how some adults sacrificed their
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lives to save some of the children. . the big question after the deadly school shooting in connecticut, why did a 20-year- old gunman gun down teachers and children. >> the single issue who scares the hill out of an elected official. >> the lasting power of the gun lobby on capitol hill. and things have mostly dried up and there are is more on the way. >> and it's 8:30, december 16th. >> there are new details and many questions unanswered about the mass shooting. we have people leaving behind candles and toys for the shooting victims. >> and a shattered community trying to teal with this horrific reality. funeral preparations are underway now for the 27 victims, 20 of those are
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children and a memorial service is being held today. >> and president obama is flying to newtown as well for the services. >> erica ferrari is live in newtown to bring us the latest. good morningicca. >> reporter: good morning. police have re-- good morning, erica. >> reporter: good morning. the police released the name and ages but have not given a motive that made adam lanza carry out an awful attack. the families have begin the difficult task of burying the dead. people filed into churches around newtown, connecticut, to pray for the victims of friday's shooting as this community grieves. families in the small town are planning funerals for their children. >> she was a type of children that could light up the room. robe parker's daughter emily was one of the 20 young children killed in friday's shooting. >> she's an incredible person i
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am so blessed to be her dead. -- dad. >> they died when 20-year-old adam lanza forced his way in and started firing. president obama will travel to newtown to attend a themmor -- memorial service and visit with the victim's families, as investigators try to figure out why they were killed. people who knew him describe him as odd and he shot and killed his mother at home and then drove to the elementary school he went to as a boy. >> she had a gun collection, a gun enthusiast and she would go target practice shooting with her kid. >> reporter: 26 children and adults were killed during the shooting, including teacher vicky soto. at a vigil for her last night, soto a sister asked everyone to hug the people they love. >> and. >> reporter: family members say
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she destroy died shielding her students from the gunman. since taking office, the president has travelled three times to comfort victims after a mass shooting. today's visit will be his fourth. back to you. >> i know investigators are not saying a lot of what they're working on. but do we have any indication of what leads they're following to try to establish a motive? >> reporter: again, there are more questions than answers. federal agents are trying to piece together this crime but, i mean, i think what is on everyone's mind, why did the mother have a cache of high- powered rifles in her home. you have to wonder about that and, what would trigger him to go on a shooting spree in an elementary school and takes
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lives of many people. it's hard to wrap your mind around. >> right, what the school represents to him. difficult to know. erica ferrari, live for us in newtown, connecticut. >> people in the bay area have been holding candlelight vigils in the wake of the shooting. >> one was at dolores park in san francisco where people stood in the rain to pay their respects and they talked about how the country needs to curb gun violence. turns out to be a tipping point. >> i would like to believe that because it's innocent, young children and that this will cut through the mess in d.c. my heart, like every parent across america s breaking right now and when the president cried, the president was crying with
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them. >> they suggested by move >> we have more details on the victims and the shooting investigation on our website. that is larry, it's 8:35. >> and that is right, it's sunday. and we have a lot of things going on. the question is what am i walking into? >> and after showers overnight, and that is a can't-miss forecast and that is a little bit of everything and we'll warm up and that is not feeling warm. you're looking at the ocean beach right now, by the way and later in the day, we expect more showers to be moving into the bay area and that is later tonight and then monday, looks wet for the bay area and we'll have the entire forecast for you in about five minutes. >> okay. >> and thank you. gun owners turned in their weapon in exchange for cash
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this weekend n. oakland, the turnout was unprecedented. people started lining up for hours before the event began in oakland. the line stretching for blocks in east oakland. everyone came to exchange their firearms. they get $200 cash for each working gun they turned in and for a lot of people, connecticut was very much on their mind. >> it just puts whole gun violence at a different perspective and makes everything real. >> the guns off of the streets, our grandkids or some kids can't get the guns and go out and kill somebody. >> just as cars were lining up for the buyback, ironically gun fire hit four people a few blocks away at international and 85 th in oakland in broad daylight. also, a long line in san francisco yesterday. had a gun buyback there and the police worked with community groups to get the word out about that program and so many people respond said they ran out of money and had to give
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ious. >> and my family's personal history was stolen by guns in their lifetime, my grandfather and father, my mother's and i don't want my grandchildren to go through this. >> the final number, they took in over thirty two hundred guns in oakland and 125 in san francisco and people were still in line with it ended. they took their names and phone numbers and will contact them. in a moment, oakland may have avoided a government takeover of the police department. we have more details on a deal that places the department under a court-appointed director. >> and as public sentiment is strong enough to push forward new gun control laws, that is the question. and before the break, however, we're going to give you the names of the 27 women and children who lost their lives friday in newtown, connecticut.
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the tragedy in newtown has t of people wondering if it's
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time for tougher gun contro but is public sentiment . the tragedy in newtown has a lot of people wondering if it's time for tougher gun control. you probably heard that debate, but is public sentiment strong enough to change the law? >> that is the big question and will it sustain? well, for that, we turn to criminal law professor frank zimmerman from uc berkeley. our first question, quite honestly, is that we have been here before. we have had presidential calls,
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politician comes out and say it's time to do something. does anything happen in. >> no, it doesn't. and they're repeatatively quite clear. even if the majority of the american public cares deeply about this issue when a shooting happens, two weeks later, there is a very interesting and asymmetrical sort of phenomenon and diminishing importance. for the people who are not importantly connected to gun ownership and use, the average citizens, the ones who say something has to happen, the issue becomes less importance. those are the keeps of folks who worry this weekend deeply
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about mass shootings. and who are going to worry about the fiscal clips next weekend. >> what is it about the gun lobby that has a hold on the politicians? >> the people who are gun enthusiasts who so this as a central part of their personal identities are not -- they don't have fair weather priorities. guns, even with high magazine capacities, even big guns and semi automatic guns are not only important to them on saturday, december 15th, they also important to them on january 15th and february 15th. the intensity of their commitment and the fact that they stay committed in that way means that there are real
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penalties for elected officials whereas the people on the other side who care about guns and about a lot of things other than guns, are never going come to the single issue voter who scares the hell out of them and elected official. >> and that was the u.c. professor. we'll have more from him in the next half hour. >> he makes good points. in the meantime, find out more about our weather forecast. and we're going have sprinkles the next several days. >> yeah. >> and we get a break mid-week. you're right, today and tomorrow, looks wet in the bay area and that is not exactly t- shirt weather in the bay area. it will be warmer today than yesterday, and that is not saying much. numbers were down in the upper 40s and low 50s and everything dried up in the mid-level and toward the is face.
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there are a few light showers around and not much. we look to ocean beach, the numbers are in the 40s and recover another 10 degrees from there and we hit highs in the mid-50s today. and some peaks and clouds and spreading south over the bay tonight and by the time all is said and done, monday night, maybe an inch in the north bay and a half an inch to a quarter of an inch in the central and south bay and the further south, the less rain and that is classic wintertime patterns. out of the door this morning, a sprinkle around and in the 40 asand the low pressure off of the pacific northwest, and that jet stream is to santa barbara and point conception. it will stay chilly this week. there is nothing to stop the cold air coming from up out of the gulf and moving south. as a result, it's going to be
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chilly this week. and from time to time, we will get a break after the monday rain. tuesday and wednesday looks okay. the forecast highs for the day, 57 degrees in san francisco; 58 degrees at redwood city and 59 in san jose. in the extended forecast, well, after a wet monday, roll clear out and get partly cloudy skies and increase the clouds again and look at what happens on thursday, friday, and saturday and gets wet and stays wet and right past christmas, things are going to be unsettled and wet from time to time. >> and not necessarily consistency, right? >> uh -- . >> he's not ready. >> and i have never done this john. that is something i can back up. really, and the honest truth, it's hard to say if it's going -- if we're going get breaks or not and that is looking like from time to time it's going to be wet. >> 'tiz the season. >> yes. and last week, a federal judge approved a plan for a
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court appointed director to oversee the police department. that enables opd to avoid a total take overby the feds. >> but the compliance director will have the power, significant power including the power and ability to fire a police chief. that is a big change and this morning, we had civil rights lawyer who helped work out the latest deal and he joining us and explained what the deal is about. >> what this is about, if the command staff doesn't perform and do not comply with the settlement agreement, the compliance director will have the power to remove the command staff and the can chief of police. >> what we're talking about here is police misconduct, allegations of racial profiling, unwarranted stops and searches of people on the streets, correct? >> that is part of it, identifying problem overs --
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officers to save them from themselves and the community and prevent them from causing problems to themselves and each other before they have to be removed and that is actually a number of things and that included. >> and one person, a compliance director realistically do that and they have so many officers going in different directions. >> i think as compliance director and having the power to dismiss the staff is a tool we have not had before and we have been at this for nine years. we have been unsuccessful in getting the opd to comply with the settlement agreement. this is written almost exclusively by police officers. the current monitor team is all police and monitored by the city and there is no reason why the city can't comply with an agreement complied with elsewhere. >> and the -- continue years ago, we had a case called the
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writers. >> yes. >> where a group of cops, four were accused of planting evidence and suspects on the street. since then, we have seen a desmation of the oakland police department due to budget cuts. they have gone from a high of 800 police officers to about 625, 35 and we have seen steady drop in the number of arrests and stops and such like. that is there a concern that the new controls on topping people, racial profiling and the added paper work are going do even less proactive police something that is where we're here on the streets. >> and that is up to the command staff to prevent that. that is their job. if they see a lack of policing, there are disciplineiry tools to use. if they don't use them and encourage them, the command staff should be disciplined
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themselves. >> and the feds asked the oakland police department for a lot of reforms over the year and concerns they were moving too slowly. what are some of the key reforms that have not yet happened? >> the stop date of racial profiling is one. the fair and just operation of the internal affairs is another. the failure to set up an early warning system set up by the union and by us is the third. the big problem is the number of lawsuits in oakland. oakland pays out more in police conduct than san jose and san francisco combined. >> and that is ironic or interesting, yo your co-counsel is the leading person that sues oakland police department and has gotten them out of this? >> blaming john for -- . >> not blaming, but is it interesting, the twist here. >> and that is an interesting twist. blaming him or me for the number of payouts is like the
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captain of the titanic blaming the ice. if he's not there, someone else is going to do it. >> and we're getting another update right now on this school shootings in connecticut. you're taking a live look at the a press conference where the state police spokesperson is talking. let's listen in. >> the only one speaking about this case to every member of the media. i can't restate or state heavily enough, i have not and will not put on you a timeline in this criminal investigation as it's underway. it's inappropriate, we will not do that. any sources that are putting out any kind of information like that does not come from the official investigating agency, the connecticut state police assisted by the newtown police department. we will not put that out as the investigation is ongoing [ question indiscernible ] >> i have not read it. i can tell you that. we have not put out any timeline information. we would not do that. >> a followup on that. you said that there were two
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places inside the school -- can you confirm that the -- . >> all right, again, you are looking live at a press conference going on in newtown, connecticut, and the state police spokesperson is talking a lot about misinformation being posted on social media websites and people pretending to be the shooter or having been the shooter, he wants to rit rate -- to reiterate that none of the information, none of the information is going -- official information is going to come from media websites and people should stay tuned to the conference. we have the latest for you now on we'll be right back after this break. ♪me and you - a little rendezvous.♪ ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪ ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slow melting chocolate -
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americans suffer cardiac ar each year. and the majority die because they don't get c-p-r. dr. kim mulvihill on the new "hands-only" c-p-r >> the numbers are staggering. nearly 400,000 americas suffer. and he's more on the new hands- only cpr making a big difference. >> and to the right and the left. >> reporter: the staying alive cpr tour. the idea? teach people two simple steps to save a life. >> the first thing we want you to do is call 911. the second thing, switch hard and fast and until help
8:56 am
arrives. >> reporter: called hands-only cpr and can double or triple a person's chance of survival. that is it, no complicated breathing necessary. according to the study, the hands-only approach led to better survival rates and neurological functioning in victims of sudden cardiac arrest and conventional cpr. researchers looked at 1400 cardiac arrests in japan and found that 46% of the hands- only group were alive one month later compared to 40% with hands-on traditional cpr and they had good brain function, compared to three% with the traditional cpr. it keeps blood flowing to the heart and brain. many are afraid to check in -- jump in and they will be less likely to be hands off. >> and the morn heart soccer is talking about hands-only cpr and there should be no hesitation for someone to jump in. >> and hands-only cpr is easy
8:57 am
to do and if you forget the rhythm, just sing. >> staying alive. >> reporter: dr. kim for cbs 5. >> hmm. >> and that beat, the staying alive beat is the equivalent of 100 beats per minute and makes it ideal for hands-only cpr and can you use queen's another one bites the dust. that has 100 beats per minute. >> and still time. >> not to have meaning anymore. >> i like the staying alive. >> me, too. and if you need to get out and get your male out early for the holiday season, you're going to be in luck. the u.s. postal service is holding a male collection for customers who want to ship the cards and packages. they will take place at 11:00 a.m. at macy's on o'farrell street in san francisco; 12:00 p.m. at the airport post office, again n san francisco and 11:00 a.m. at the east ridge mall post office in san jose. >> all right.
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coming up in the next half hour, parents trying to answer their kids questions about newtown. our conversation with the child psychologist. >> and a new debate before the supreme court. the right to bear arms in public. >> plus, we're hearing more about extraordinary heroism displayed by teachers at sandy hook elementary. how they helped students stay calm in the middle of the shooting. we'll be right back.
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prepares for funerals for t school shooting victims in newtown, xt - an . today, a community prepares for funerals in the shooting school victims in newtown, connecticut. next, an accounting of the victims and the heros who died trying to save lives. >> there is only one way to make them happy. >> a new debate over gun laws. after a mass shooting like the one in newtown. >> and channel 5s high-def doppler showing the showers are dried up over the bay area. there is more on the way and we'll have the details in a few minutes. >> welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00. it's december 16th, good morning, i'm phil. >> i'm ann. thank you for starting your sunday with us. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we're going to hear from a child psychologist, more advisor how to talk to your kids about what happened in newtown. a lot of kids are nervous about
9:02 am
what they heard and a lot of parents have been struggling about how much information to provide. >> we talk with a uc professor and expert and policing about america's attitude in the wake of shootings like this. what happens down the line? meanwhile, the city of newtown, connecticut, grieves. the entire community is left searching for answers as to why. >> and renee marsh with more now on how the smalltown is honoring those who risked their lives and remembering those they lost. >> reporter: a quiet new england town is grieving this weekend as they continue to search for answers. >> i am also a teacher and i can't imagine going through what she went through. >> reporter: sarah said that her friend victoria is to, a first grade teacher, apparently died trying to protect her students. the names and ages of six adults and 20 children, ages six and seven, were released on saturday. one of those children is six-
9:03 am
year-old emily parker. >> my daughter emily would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all of those victims. >> reporter: robbie parker described has daughter as bright, creative, and loving. also offering advice. >> as we move on from what happened here, what happened to so many people, let it not turn into something that defines us. something that inspires us to be better and be more compassionate and more humble peoples. >> reporter: the connecticut governor dan malloy echoed the sentiments. >> there will be times soon for a discussion of public policy issues surrounding yesterday's event. what is important right now is love, crown, and compassion. >> reporter: president obama will meet with the families who lost loved ones and thanked first responders. >> as a nation, we have endured too many tragedies the last few
9:04 am
years. >> and that was renee marsh reporting from newtown, connecticut. the town may get more answers today when the medical examiner conducts autopsies on the shooter and his mother. >> and this is what we know so far about the shootings in connecticut. this morning, a state police spokesman said the violence was confined to two classrooms and a hallway. >> and he's warning about misinformation on social media, and including messages from the gunman who is now dead and with that 20 children killed, the young was is six years old. and they were women, including the principal and used a high- powered rival registered to the mother. he shot her to death earlier on friday and new police say that she had no connection to this school. the depart our from what they were saying. and there is some global reaction to this tragedy, obviously, and pope benedict xvi said he's praying for the families of victim and also,
9:05 am
karzi expressed condolences. the children were able to escape unharmed because of very brave teachers. once the shots rang out, the vac humiditiy relied on their experience and instincts to keep children safe. the kindergarten teacher got her students into the lockdown mode that they practiced. >> and we all got away from the windows and pulled down the blinds and locked the classroom door and the children were scared. trying to divert their attention. >> and another teacher, vicky soto, taught kindergarten and gathered her students into a closet and were killed protecting them. >> and the question of whether people have the right to be armed in public is likely headed for the supreme court and there have been conflicting rulings and most states have
9:06 am
upheld local gun laws, including restricts on concealed weapons. judges in illinois recently struck down the statewide ban. >> and we have more details on the victims and the shooting investigation on our website, and that is meanwhile, back here, going to see rain this morning? >> some sprinkles yesterday and last evening. what do you think? >> a bit of a break and later tonight, starting out in the 40s and barely managed that for highs yesterday and a few peaks of sun. the rain will spread south late in the north bay first and leave night tonight in the bay area and looks like on tap rainy days and we'll have the entire forecast coming up in a
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few minutes. >> and thanks. a suspect is finally detained after a four-hour police standoff. and that is about 6:30 last night after reports of a domestic dispute were called in and tactical teams got there and -- some evacuated some apartments in the area and for four hours, another man peacefully surrendered. the sheriff's deputy accused of robbing a bank will be back in court tomorrow. and police say he -- saying that he was armed and investigators used video from the bank to i.d. him and fingerprints and thousands of nurses walked off
9:08 am
of the job on christmas eve. nurses at 9 bay area hospitals are participating and the union and hospital officials remain at odds with issues like benefit and&staffing. and it's a question that every parent is asking. how do you talk to your child about the school shooting in connecticut. >> and how bay area adults are handling the topic and more tips from child psychologist. ome...the politics of gun control. . >> and, looking at new calls for tougher gun control. after the newtown school shooting. still to come. the politics behind them, gun control. >> we'll be right back. the raiders-cheifs game this
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. >> we have wet rain in the area. the extended forecast shows it
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afternoon at one-twenty-fiv and be sure to watch the 5th quarter right after the . just a remindder, cbs 5 will have the raiders-chiefs game this afternoon at 1:25 and after that, we're going to have the fifth quarter. after the game again. cbs 5. the action begins and if anyone is heading out in person, you may want to bring an umbrella. >> and if anyone is heading out
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in person. >> okay. >> and i know a lot of people are watching. thousands of diehard fans lining up. >> and what kind of a year is he having? >> are you doing all right? >> don't ask me, clearly. >> and into the bay area, we had rain yesterday and didn't amount to much. tonight, tomorrow, an inch in the north bay and a half an inch in the south bay and it's mostly on the light side and there is some sun in the southeastern may bear -- bay area. milpitas and we're getting glimpsees this morning and that is nice. 44 degrees at concord. liver moe has 43 and a bit of a chilly start. 46 at santa rosa and 49 in san jose. the cpc, a 14-day outlook, is showing us that we're trending weather. the western third of the u.s., so it looks like things are going to get unsettled midweek and stay that way. the snow pack is helped out by
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the recent rains, although the snow levels are high, the amounts are not overpowering and we're ahead where we were last year when we had 36% of average and this year, 87% of average and that is some good news and the time lapse here shows the system is powering south and introducing a chance of rain to the north bay and this is not subtropical and rainfall amounts that will be from an inch until north bay to a half an inch in the south bay and there could be some delays at the airport that are do you to the rain. probably minor. it's not a big deal tomorrow and we'll get wet but not overpowering so and the numbers are warmer than yesterday and wet on monday and then we get a break on tuesday and wednesday before the rain is coming in on
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thursday, friday, and saturday. we'll get wet and we will stay wet. >> all right. >> okay? >> and rainy after christmas. >> to christmas? >> and beyond. >> and that is looking so far ahead and that you can't honestly say anything about that. >> and -- . >> getting the ho-ho-ho mood and the bah hum bug. >> and don't let that do that to you. and back to the school massacre in connecticut, it's posing a challenge for many parents. they're struggling a lot since friday and about what to say to the kids and depends on the ages. one man who we caught up, he was taking the daughter skating and said he talked to them gently and directly. >> we talked about it and wanted to make sure they were safe and understand and that
9:15 am
there is evil in the world. we do love them and we'll try to protect them any way that we can. >> and adults say it will be easier to talk to those with tragedies than those who can't comprehend the magnitude. we talked with a child schools. >> she gave us insight on how parents can help their kids cope and why some don't want to talk about it at all. >> they're having problems understanding something horrific and dealing with the emotions themselves and that desire to step back and hunt from that is understand believe andha is coming from a place of support and the fact is kids are going hear about this and there is no way to protect them so we have an opportunity to help them understand and that is important that we're talking
9:16 am
directly with children about what occurred. >> and what do you say to the parent who is confronted with the child, who said what is going on? the child is specific about this. you can't say you're safe. i know a parent whose child said no, dad, it can happen here. >> our first impulse is to say this will never happen here and can never happen. you're right. y can't say that with certainty. what we can say is your safety is your number one priority, your teachers, the principals, mom, dad, your grandparents, and every important trusted adult in your life is doing everything to make sure you're safe. >> and we have a new reality in america since columbine. they have lock down drills and
9:17 am
that is a fact of life for people. it's something that is part of the curriculum and what is that going do to kids? >> and this is a rare event. you're right. it's something that happens, but it happens incredibly infrequently and with the amount we're talking about it and seeing it on the media, it's easy for children to get confuses about the level of risk and about how likely it is that something like this could occur at their cool and -- school. it's helpful for children to understand what is in place and that is is is going to demonday on their maturity and level. asking them what their childrens are and questions are, what they heard so far and reassuring them the acts they having are normal and. >> different kids will take this in different ways. >> absolutely. >> and what should parents look
9:18 am
out for now? >> and first and foremost, it's important to remind parents that they know their child well and they need to be listening and available for their children and they can sit down with their children and to go from-from-there a starting place. >> and i understand that. what do you -- do you have any advice for the parents? should the parents say run, stay, do whatever, what kind of advice can you give parents on kids, by the way and this is a part of life, too and this is advice. >> i think it's important to not dive directly into saying this and this and if a child is not concerned already, let's start with what they afraid of and ask them what is it you're scare side going happen.
9:19 am
if they're scared i am frightened i might be at a mall and there is a shooting, then can you talk about what they will do and talk about how they react to them and how they access. >> and we have more information on for you on the shooting. prevention is on a lot of people's minds this weekend after the newtown school shooting. >> yes, and will we see any new moves on gun control legislation? a one-on-one talk with an expert coming up. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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file ions about gun . just hours after the deadly shootings in newtown, several people filed online petitions about gun patrol on the white house website and one is calling for the obama administration to immediately address the issue of gun control by way of congressional legislation and that had 50,000
9:22 am
signatures within hours and another declared it a national emergency. academic experts pointed out that mass shootings in recent years have not led to stricter gun laws, even though they start talking about that. >> and does -- that is not a shift in american opinion. the pew research poll taken after the shootings in aurora, colorado, show opinions on gun control remain unchanged. 47% said it's more important to control gun ownership and 46% thought it was the important to protect the rights of gun owners. similar, there is no shift on the opinion after the shooting of congresswoman gabby giffords two years ago w. that in mind, we turn to criminal law professor frank zimmerman from uc berkeley and we said, okay, i spoke with dianne feinstein who offered the assault ban and show can't get it back on the floor from the estimate for reconsideration. -- from the senate for
9:23 am
reconsideration. >> reporter: think that is right and i think that that is the function of the limited attention span that you are asking me to assume had changed. if there were a lot of people who cared about that, then you would not have the one-way streak of losing support if you don't oppose gun controls and not losing anything jeff you do oppose them and then it's double-edgeed sword. >> what is the argument that the gun advocates are going to be making three months from now when that senator has to make that vote? >> by then, they're the only activists in town and this is not a situation. this is a situation where what goes on in the legislature, what they call a status
9:24 am
competition. the real question, what do you love? gun control advocates or owners? and that is a question ofness with it ask asked in that way, then what the political activist said i don't know. where do i stand to gain and where do i stand to lose? listen, we don't care about the rest of the tea party or capitol gapes tax, we care about guns, and he turned to the gun control advocates and they say oh, no, we're actually
9:25 am
interested in schools, we're interested in income and equality. the senator said there are a lot of those that i can make those folks happy and there is only one way to make the gun owner's happy. >> i wonder if you remember during the presidential debate the gun issue came up. they addressed it in two sentences and as fast as they could, started talking about the need for other things like education and that is just case in point. meanwhile, coming up. >> one more look at the morning's top stories and including details into the investigation of the school shooting and international condolences from vatican city to kabul. we'll be right back. ,, ,,
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9:27 am
we have learned so far aboue shootings in connecticut. this te police . welcome back. he's a summary of what we have learned so far about the shootings in connecticut. this morning, the state police spokesman said the violence was
9:28 am
confined to two classrooms and a hallway. >> and he pointed out that there is a lot of misinformation going on social media sites, including state messages from the gunman who is now dead. of the 20 children killed, eight were boys, 12 twirls and -- girls and the young was were six girls. all six killed were women, including the principal. the gunman used a high-powered rifle registered to his mother and police say he shot her to death earlier on friday. now, police say she had no connection to the school that is a departure from what they were saying the last few days. >> meanwhile, there is global reaction to the tragedy. pope benedict xvi said he is praying for the family and victims and afghan president karzai expressed condolences. >> and our weather forecast today? chilly. possibly, right? and wet later in the day, too and have a quick look at the extended forecast. a mostly cloudy day today, a few peaks of the sun, wet tomorrow and south. we'll get an inch to a half an inch over the bay area.
9:29 am
a break on tuesday and wednesday, and then thursday and friday and saturday, it looks like we'll get wet again. city tuned. >> okay. and finally, santa rolled into the bay area early with a new ride. check it out. >> and the riding, harley- riding santa with escorts. can you so there and delivering gifts with children at the san mateo medical center. the holiday toy run is a project of the golden gate group. putting a lot of smiles on faces. they have been doing that for 23 years. and thanks for joining us this morning. starting your sunday here with us. the next newscast is on cbs 5 at 5:30 tonight . have a good day. a good one.


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